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What A Healthy Relationship Really Looks Like

With the current state of dating, do we even know what a healthy relationship is anymore? In the points below we’ll discuss what a healthy relationship looks like in real life, not in a fairy tale. _________________________________________ There is no judgment. Happiness in a relationship comes from two teammates who are able to be open…

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The Right Relationship Will NEVER Make You Sacrifice Your Identity

I’m going to be as brutally clear as possible in this post. No fluff. No introduction. No sugar-coating. A relationship should be a consistent evaluation of the person you are committing to. You should 100% and absolutely be able to envision a future with them and COMMIT to building it. But, you should ALSO be…

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5 Real Ways You Can Improve Your Dating Life Immediately

No fluff, just real, actionable steps you can take to improve your dating life today.

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Why Selfish People Are Incapable Of Loving You

There are many perceptions of what “true love” looks like in today’s society. People attempt to quantify it or put characteristics or actions or labels on it – but it is a difficult thing to define since every situation is unique. Though, once we filter through all of the pop culture interpretations and checklists of…

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5 Tips To Stop Dating ‘Fixer-Upper’ Guys

If you found your way to this article, it may be because you are the type of woman who constantly finds herself trying to “fix” a man, or entering into a relationship with someone who is not quite on your level of maturity or emotional stability. But that’s okay, because you’re going to change him…

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Mutual Support: The Backbone Of Relationships

There are a lot of things that make relationships tick. Physical attraction, friendship, teamwork, trust, respect, mutual interests…the list goes on. But, one of the more important pieces of the puzzle, is mutual support. While you are one, as a couple – you are, and forever will be, an individual. An individual with wants, needs,…

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