New film “Untogether” hits the mark spotlighting complicated modern relationships


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The new film Untogetherwritten and directed by Emma Forrest, follows a newly sober writer (Jemima Kirke) through her trials and tribulations in Los Angeles as she starts up an affair with another published author (Jamie Dornan).

Other familiar faces included in prominent story lines include Billy Crystal, Alice Eve, Scott Caan, Lola Kirke, Jennifer Grey, Ben Mendelsohn…what one could consider an ensemble cast.

One of the things I loved about Emma Forrest’s approach to the characters and their lives, was the realistic illustration of the challenges actual human beings face in relationships. Struggling careers, one-hit wonders (and the constant fight to NOT be one), longing for connection, and the pursuit of it through what is supposed to be meaningless sex, but often isn’t.

As someone who has spent years publicly trying to bring back traditional aspects of dating and romance, this film was a look into how relationships often spark in real life, through a chance encounter or connection that develops through simply spending time together and enjoying each other’s company. Perhaps, how it should be?

But – it’s never quite that simple, and that’s precisely where Untogether hits the mark.

I think we are all one of the characters in this story.

Some of us have stayed in relationships for far longer than we should, given the lackluster treatment we receive from a partner we love. The older rockstar character of Martin (Mendelsohn) reflects this conflict back to many of us, while desperately trying to reignite relevance in his own personal life.

Yet – the woman he loves (Lola Kirle) searches for fulfillment elsewhere, despite his adoration for her (albeit, not without flaws).

This is a dynamic I feel pulls at many of us deeply, having been on one (or both) sides of this type of relationship. It allows an honest look at the confusion and heartbreak that can result from two people who are simply on different pages, but also leaves the door open for hope.

Andrea and Nick (Jemima and Jamie) face their own struggles as secrets are revealed throughout their time together. I’ll save you the spoilers, but I’d like for you to let me know where you think their path takes them in the end.

Billy Crystal, as always, is Billy Crystal. Playing a bit of a sage role as a wise Rabbi to a religiously disconnected millennial seems to be something he comfortably slides into – but then again, isn’t that the beauty of a talented and seasoned actor?

I enjoyed Emma Forrest’s ability to intertwine the stories of all of these characters without making it overly difficult to follow. Jemima and Lola Kirke playing sisters in the movie also provided an interesting dynamic given the overlaps of their storylines, sure to leave you a bit uncomfortable, like any emotionally challenging story does.

This film will take you through a variety of emotions and reactions – our audience at the Soho House in Manhattan audibly laughed together, and cringed together. Women whispered about their frustration with men like Jamie Dornan’s character, Nick – a sure sign that Forrest nailed his tendencies.

At the end of the day, though, what I enjoyed the most was this film’s journey through the search for meaning and connection that we all embark on in this life, no matter how successful (or not) we may become. Perhaps Untogether will help you understand your own journey, as well.

The film releases to the public on February 8th in theaters, and can be purchased at this link here. Put the kids to bed first for this one!

If you’ve seen the movie, let me know what you think in the comments!





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