If We Want to Build Real Connections, We Have to Express Real Thoughts


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I’m going to be a bad millennial by writing this article, but I’m pretty good at being a bad millennial, so I’m cool with it.

For the record, if you’re under 35, you’re still classified as a millennial. Sorry, 34 year olds.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now though, and I might be the only one who’s considered it, but I think it’s an important topic to bring up.


If you spend even 1 second a day on social media, you probably see a collection of posts that are funny memes – maybe it’s a melting snowman walking into work on Monday, or one of the gazillion photos of Kermit sipping his tea over something that’s “none of his business.”

Regardless of what the meme is, someone has probably posted it and said “Me.” as their addition to the conversation.

“Me.” “This is me.” “Mood.”

My problem with it, is this:

This is a super lazy way of expressing thoughts that aren’t even yours. Yes, it’s cute and funny and probably makes people smile when they see it, but that credit goes to the person who created the meme as an arguable new-school form of ‘art’ that people can relate to. Saying “me” adds no value and really doesn’t tell us anything about you.

You’re probably rolling your eyes right now because I’m way overthinking this and it’s just social media, after all…right?

In 2017, can we really still make the argument that it’s “just social media”? I think not. Social media is the #1 way that the majority of us connect with the world. We connect with hundreds, thousands, or millions of people all at once through social media every single day, and in many instances, it’s the only (or primary) way you might even communicate with certain people.

We are living in the first time during human history where each and every single one of us has an unlimited amount of broadcasting potential. This website has been read by over 37 million people – do you know how? Through sharing on social media. Do you think it would’ve been read if I’d just shared other people’s thoughts and said “Me.”? I doubt it.

So, my point is that we are taking this ability to connect with (literally) millions of people, and squandering it by simply sharing quick, funny images that are mostly strictly entertainment value. Sure, it’s fun sometimes, but it tells the world nothing about who YOU are, except that you find the same meme funny that 2,364,951 other people shared.

Sooner than later, all we are going to see of each other is recirculated shares of the same images and videos that reflect ideas of people we don’t even know. Younger generations are growing up with this being the norm and as it continues, “real life” conversations are simply going to be about things we see on the internet (they already are), and not about our OWN individual thoughts and ideas. In a society so focused on individuality, we are all just sharing the same things as everyone else.


What are your passions? Your opinions on world issues? Your stance on human interaction and relationships? What are the unique, revolutionary ideas that run through your mind every day? We can use what was once a platform to play stupid Candy Crush nonsense or Solitaire games, to share deep, meaningful ideas that just might change the world. Or, we can share another cat video.

I’m not saying every post online has to be some existential dissertation, but you are a thoughtful person with meaningful ideas and strong emotions. You are so much more than a meme or a .gif – but are you expressing it?

Add value. Spark conversation. Express thoughts. Connect with other people. Change the world.

You have the power – if you’re willing to use it.


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  1. seymills on June 13, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    i totally feel the same way…..i use my facebook page to try to get people to see things differently ….posting articles about positivity and just articles that can make you think…..plus i put some quotes that i really like in the hopes it’ll make someone think differently….but i sometimes feel alone in this…..i am constantly trying to be a better person everyday ….not easy but worth it πŸ™‚ and i feel like there is know one i can talk to about this…but i think that maybe if i initiated the conversation with someone … and be brave,,,,i might find some kindred spirits……its the brave part that’s scary ! but thanx for your posts and insight …most welcomed πŸ™‚


  2. Mary Brown on June 13, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    Look this tool is well n dandy if that’s what you like.I prefer phone,calls,text real life.I want express myself freely if you don’t know who you opening up to.If I told you I love you all the time,but never showed you.You wouldn’t believe a word I said period. I would be a fool to think other wise.If I love peach pie n you love apple pie.You can tell me all you want how good it is.I could see u smacking your juicy lips on the apple pie.I will try it at least.I still prefer a good home made good peach pie over apple pie any day 4 real.So to make it plain n simple I’m the nicest person you will ever want me to meet,court,marry.Don’t expect or force me to do just your way all the time.I will roll my eyes while smiling packing n moving on to where I’m appreciate ,celebrated for my difference.Not to be force to do it your one way. What you start off with is the end results.Celebrate difference in preference when it’s according to the word of Jesus’s and it lines up.I love mature men who can act silly n serious when it calls for it.I always love to laugh n good laughs at this.My whole life has been people pleasing n when you Set free from that life style you can’t and want go back.So anything remotely close to it will send me clear in another direction.So social media is awesome never to return.Love is encouragment,trust,honest,work,freedom,respect,good excellent ,laughter when it rain ,n when the sunshines.Its accepting bitter with the sweet, communication,loyalty,support if you don’t have that you have nothing period only secrets,sadness,depression, oppression hot messed up bondage of a piece of life.However I want n can’t accept anything less. It comes a time a real good woman who’s confordient n know her worth want stick around. She would close all doors down immediately. So email ,text,call,talk to me.I’m very private and I don’t go on social media period.Have a good day cause at the end of the day I don’t bite n I’ve been told I’m a nice, sweet,kind,person. who will laugh n talk to anyone.Yes I ask millions of question. So if you don’t want questions asked don’t talk to me.Cause I like getting to know how somebody tick inside out. This my real story and I’m sticking to it good day.

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