15 Ways A Good Man Should Act In A Relationship [Podcast]

What are the clear signs that you are with a good man in your relationship? Click the play button to hear 15 things good men always do!


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9 thoughts on “15 Ways A Good Man Should Act In A Relationship [Podcast]

  1. Good stuff. Start a podcast, and if one exist and I am not aware of it, please do let me know via a link. And hey how about a podcast on a good lady too.

  2. I love what you write. Please go back to the printed method as some of us have a limited amount of gigs so not able to stream videos. Thank you.

  3. My poor James! Youré trying to change the world with your blogs (and now podcast)? How frustrated you must be, and with your love life as well I can imagine. You obviously have no clue what attracts women. Do you really think you can just ask them? (Hint: what they say from “thinking” is far removed from their primal instincts.) To top it off, you want to fit all the men in the world into your tiny little box of “proper behavior”. What’s the word I’m looking for? Meglomaniac, yes that’s it. “Hey, look at me ladies! I’m the perfect example of what you all dream you could have.” Is there a blog award for “Best Mama’s Boy”?

  4. So James? My wife wants to quit her job and become and exotic stripper to make more money. She does have a great rack, so she might be right. I should give space to be her own woman and still be at her side cheering her on? And while I’m at it I should tell her how much I appreciate her efforts to make more money for the household, right? DOH!

  5. My esposa has gained 150lbs. after having our hija. She sits around the filthy house all day eating candy while watching televisor. You come tell her how beautiful she inside and out!

  6. I’d like to see both print and podcast versions on the same blog posts, and on every one available. That would give me the option to read them at my convenience or listen while driving. Many times I do not have the privacy to turn on the podcast.

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