I Want A Girl Who Reads

Not only am I sharing this because it is a brilliant poem, but also because I’ve been fortunate enough to find a girl who reads, and everything he says in this video is true.


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15 thoughts on “I Want A Girl Who Reads

  1. Wow, that is just awesome, thanks for sharing.
    I really enjoy reading your posts, they are thoughtful and though provoking. Keep it up

  2. That’s a good one. Thanks for sharing.
    I love to read and I’m always able to sneak in an hour or two during the day. That’s how I got so proficient in English; 😉

  3. I’ve been reading a few of your blogs as my friend James Russell Lingerfelt displayed an article of yours on his blog. You posting this video just made me subscribe to your blog.

  4. This video just makes me smile. It also gives me hope that not all guys just look for girls with perfect physical appearance. I love reading, but I’ve never met guys who are interested enough to ask about the books I read, so thank you for sharing this video. Now I know there ARE guys like that out there, I just haven’t met them yet.

  5. Wow! Usually I am quite good at expressing what I feel. But this poem and video of ‘A girl who reads’ describes exactly how I feel. Importantly in a way much better than I could have put it. Thanks for this post man. You just created the perfect girl for me (as of now) in words! Keep doing all the good stuff…

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