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The Biggest Thing Holding the Average Person Back When it Comes to Dating

Only click this if you want the honest truth about why you’re not meeting more people.

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23 Names of Emotions You Feel, but Can’t Explain

I came across one of those anonymous Facebook graphics that one normally tends to ignore, but for some reason it caught my attention and being someone who is interested in both language and psychology, the combination of the two was interesting to me. Here are 23 names for feelings you likely experience often, but never…

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17 Ways A Woman’s Mind Can Be Sexier Than Her Appearance

Every now and then, I like to share posts from my friend at, Adam LoDolce. Adam has been featured by multiple major media outlets such as Cosmopolitan, MTV, CNN, Glamour, and quite a few more. This is one of those ‘now and then’ times. Adam recently published a list of 17 ways that the sexiness of a woman’s…

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I Want A Girl Who Reads

Not only am I sharing this because it is a brilliant poem, but also because I’ve been fortunate enough to find a girl who reads, and everything he says in this video is true. Enjoy! Did you enjoy this post? Enter your email here to be notified when new content is published! Click here to…

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