7 Things Women Think About


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The age old question ‘what do women want?’ is one that has haunted, and will probably haunt every man who has ever lived.

The smart ones figure out that women really aren’t as complicated as we think they are – they want to be loved, listened to, respected, and understood (that last one is a doozey). But, there are still things that we can figure out if we really pay attention.


1. Your car matters less than you think it does.

What matters more than the kind of car you drive – is that you actually have one in the first place. Unless you’re looking to impress a ‘certain type’ of woman who is looking for the same one night stand you are, your car will take a back seat to plenty of other qualities you have. Drive a nice one if you enjoy it, but not to get her attention.

2. You talk too much in ‘intimate situations.’

Let’s not get carried away here – communication is key when the lights are out, but don’t overthink or overcomplicate things. Some of the most romantic moments a couple can have together are spontaneous and arise from an instinct or simple touch. Don’t ask permission for everything you do – but don’t cross any lines without getting the go-ahead first, either.


3. Only a child breaks up over text.

Sure, 98.2367% of communication these days is by text. I hardly ever talk to my girlfriend on the phone – but more serious conversations, or if you’re going to call it quits, should still happen face to face. Be a man, man.

4. You suck at sexting.

‘Sexting’ really is the bread and butter of courting these days. Winky faces and witty quips are king when it comes to making a woman laugh and getting comfortable with you. If you don’t know how to properly flirt or communicate with a woman via text, she may begin to accidentally skip over every one you send her.


5. It’s easier to cheat than you think.

Women don’t always equate cheating with going ‘all the way’ – in fact, often times emotional cheating is just as bad (this is what women tend to do more than men). If you’re completely disconnected from your partner and are having late-night conversations with someone else you wouldn’t want them to see, it might be time to re-evaluate things.

6. Your pick-up line is lame.

The art of approaching women is literally the key to unlocking the castle.

No approach = no conversation = no date.

You don’t need to be Casanova or spit out some funny one-liner to get her attention. Just, say hello. The men who are truly successful with approaching women have a cool, calm, collected confidence about them, and are able to hold conversations well. Try to say something unique to your surroundings or about her specifically, don’t sound rehearsed.


7. Yes it’s 2013, and yes you should still pay for the first date.

There are a lot of independent women out there, but people in general enjoy being respected and made to feel special. If you’ve gotten past #6 in our list, you’ve got a first date coming up. You don’t have to roll out the red carpet and have a limousine full of doves go and pick her up – but not dressing like you’re going to the gym is a good start, and choosing a nice, comfortable restaurant (where you pick up the tab), is a great next step.

If you do it right, the ending will be even better.

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  1. Sparked on November 17, 2013 at 5:30 pm

    “2. You talk too much in ‘intimate situations.”
    While you may have validity in this statement for some women, it pales in comparison with the rest of your list. Primarily, because your explanation clearly perpetuates rape culture. Your addendum (“but don’t cross any lines without getting the go-ahead first, either”) tries to address this concept, but your previous statements refute it in its entirety. I would be aware of the meaning and impact of a “simple touch” and error on the side of healthy communication. Besides, bedroom talk can be fun, even when it incorporates consent!

  2. nzinga on April 7, 2015 at 6:46 am

    I love it and yes very true!

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