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Please Help Nominate For A Shorty Award!

Hi everyone, I am not the type of person to write blog posts about myself or ask for favors – I would much rather provide you with valuable content and hope that I have been doing just that! Because of this, I am humbled to have been nominated for a Shorty Award in the Blogger category,…

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National Chivalry Tour 2014 – Is Your City On The List?

This is a small aside from the articles I usually post on this blog, but it’s for a good purpose! My girlfriend and I are going on a national tour at the end of April into early May, and we would love to connect with readers and great people along the trip! We are kicking off…

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Breaking News: American Girl Wins Miss America, American People Outraged.

In America, a country less than 300 years old and therefore comprised only of people who have immigrated to it (minus Native Americans), many people are now outraged because a girl whose family immigrated here has been crowned Miss America. Wait…what? There has been some deeply disturbing commentary from the ignoramuses of ‘Merica thanks to…

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A Response To: ‘Confessions Of A Serial Cheater’

A friend linked me to this (borderline ridiculous) article, Confessions of a Serial Cheater, that I was compelled to respond to. Where do I begin? The anonymous (for good reason) storyteller begins by openly discussing his consistent cheating habit. The first (of 10? 15? Maybe 20?) time he cheated on his current fiancee started with…

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