(Price reduced) For Sale: Beautiful BMW 335i


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My 2007 BMW 335i is up for sale! The only reason why I’m selling this beautiful machine is because I’ve just purchased an Audi S5 and I don’t have the need or resources for two cars.

Quick video of the car.


For those of you unaware, the 335i has a twin turbo 3.0L 6-cylinder motor producing 300hp and is easily modified to produce much, much more. Even stock, you’ll find yourself propelled from 0-60 in just around 5 seconds while still enjoying the comfort and luxury of a daily-driven BMW. Not to mention, while getting gas mileage in the low-mid 20’s. Not bad.

To complete the overall visceral experience, you’ll be submerged in a 13 speaker, 330 watt Harmon Kardon sound system easily adjusted to suit your mood.


Look around you. Look into the endless sea of beige Honda Civics and manufactured mediocrity that permeates our society.

How dare you blend in? How dare you drive the roads in silent discontent while a fire burns inside of you.

Why should you want this 335i? Because you deserve it. You deserve to set fire to your otherwise mundane commute. You deserve to have a car that hugs the road tighter than your clingy girlfriend hugs you before you leave for work. You deserve to have a car that makes you realize that we all drive on very different roads and have very different experiences.


You deserve to experience the privacy in your red, black, and woodgrain world as your windows seal themselves shut after the door is closed.

I’ve had this car for around a year and have had no problems – the red interior is flawless and nobody had even sat in the back seat until I owned it. This car is a head turner if I ever saw one, the BMW performance wheels look beautiful when they’re shined up and the gleam from the space gray exterior complements the red leather perfectly, it’s one of my favorite color combinations on these cars.


It also has navigation and iDrive, bluetooth and all that fun stuff. I find that decent 335’s with nav are hard to find.

The wheels do have some curb rash, they are 19″ BMW Performance Style 269’s, rare and expensive wheels. They had the blemishes when I purchased the car. I could get it taken care of or sell as is, it’s not very noticeable especially when the car is clean.


There are also some small paint chips on the hood, but it has a clear bra as well.

It has lifetime Sirius satellite radio so you can always have that and never pay for it. Free is good.

It just went over 100k miles (will not increase after approx. September 18th) and runs stronger than my other 335 that had 62k on it. The only modification is a cone filter on the intake – the car sounds beautiful and is a blast to drive.


It’s an automatic with F1 style paddle shifters, so if you sit in traffic often you’ll get the fun of shifting the car without the hassle of a clutch.

Before I bought the car I contacted the people who serviced it and they gave me two thumbs up – that’s why I went through with the purchase. It has new brakes and new tires as well.


The car is currently parked in West Quincy, MA, about 15 minutes south of Boston – you can contact me anytime via email with any other questions. or to schedule a time to meet: JMSama215@gmail.com.

Price: $16,995.


– James

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