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Why We Need To Talk About Elliot Rodger

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Elliot Rodger, he is (was) the 22 year old son of Hunger Games second unit director Peter Rodger. Elliot has recently carried out his predicted slaughter of women and sexually active men (7 killed in total) and then himself. Elliot submitted a 140+ page personal manifesto which…

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A Former BMW Driver Reviews The Audi S5

This is how I start every morning. I wake up excited, knowing what’s waiting for me outside. I grab the keys to my white Audi S5, leave my apartment, and enter a different world. When you look at the S5, it looks back at you. It looks back at you in the same way one…

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(Price reduced) For Sale: Beautiful BMW 335i

My 2007 BMW 335i is up for sale! The only reason why I’m selling this beautiful machine is because I’ve just purchased an Audi S5 and I don’t have the need or resources for two cars. Quick video of the car. For those of you unaware, the 335i has a twin turbo 3.0L 6-cylinder motor…

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Is He A Womanizer…Or A Gentleman?

I recently came across a blog post that actually aggravated me a little bit. The topic is “Womanizing Techniques” – which I read through and began to think to myself…”Wait a minute, I do these things!” And I am certainly not a womanizer. Generalizing is a very slippery slope and this blogger could easily scare a woman away…

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