How Dare You!

Look around you. Look into the endless sea of beige Honda Civics and manufactured mediocrity that permeates our society.

How dare you blend in.


How dare you lead a life of silent discontent while a fire burns inside of you.

How dare you take the infinitesimally small odds that your birth even occurred and squander your years here on earth by settling for average.

Of the billions of people who have ever lived and died on our planet, there has never been another you. You are a biological and evolutionary miracle unlike any other.


Be the red streak of ink across a black and white page. Be the Fruit Loop in the bowl of cheerios.

How dare you let your creativity be stifled by your perception of how someone else thinks the world ‘should be’ or what you ‘should do.’ How dare you ignore your instincts and deepest passions for the sake of conformity.

How dare you dim your light simply because it’s shining in someone else’s eyes.


How dare you allow yourself to live out your life in a mild smolder when you have the ability to give the world a fireworks show the likes of which it’s never seen.

The things we do for ourselves in this life will leave the world when we do – but the things we do for others will live on as our legacy. Those whose names live on through kindness and stories told by others, become immortal.

The world doesn’t need anymore average, but don’t ask what the world needs. ‘Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs, is more people who have come alive.’


There are enough trails trampled by the footprints of those who fell into single file lines. Everyone already knows where they lead. Take out your flamethrower and blaze your own trail.

Travel. See the world. Explore the vastness of where we live. Educate yourself. Grow. Learn. Expand your mind. Be great.

Don’t just get lost seeking your greatness, but create it. Make it, and yourself, whatever you want.

There are no great stories written in history about people who followed the crowd.

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3 thoughts on “How Dare You!

  1. My son, My son Could not be more proud of you!!! This is by far my favorite article you have composed… so resonates with me be everything you can be and do it while you can… I will always support where your heart leads you
    Love you

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