On A Date? Watch For This Warning Sign

So, you’re out on a date.

You’ve only met him/her a couple of times. Things are new, but going well. When you’re out to dinner, you’re usually paying attention to either what you are doing, or what he/she is doing.


Of course, on a date, people work to win each other over. So, how do you know if you’re dealing with someone’s real personality, or if they’ve sent a representative to help them close the deal before their true self comes out?

Sure, there are many, but one answer is: Don’t just pay attention to how they treat you.

Did a drink order come out wrong? Steak overcooked? Unexpected wait to be seated?

How they handle these situations will tell you a lot about their personality. They’re not trying to court the waiter or waitress while they’re out with you (at least, we hope), so they’ll be less likely to keep their ‘mask’ on during those interactions if they’re wearing one.

Are they calm in the face of spontaneous change and conflict, or are they upset easily and seem to have a short temper? These things are often hard for people to hide and should be easy to see, if you pay attention.


Remember, words can lie, actions can’t.

If this is someone you’re serious about spending more time with, you’re going to be in multiple different social situations with them, as well as being associated with them. Can you bring them around your friends, family, and to events?

How they treat people besides you, will give you hints early on.

As I’ve said before – a ‘nice person’ who isn’t nice to the waiter/waitress, is not really a nice person.

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