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Why We Need To Start Building Better Foundations For Relationships

Trust, without question, is one of the most important bricks when building the foundation of a strong relationship. Without trust, you cannot have real love. I have emphasized the importance of trust in a relationship in previous articles, but there seems to be an ongoing issue where bonds are not being formed, and therefore relationships…

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16 Secrets Of Couples With The Strongest Relationships

It seems that the further we look, the harder it is to find couples who are in strong, happy, healthy relationships. But – it is important not to get discouraged, because they are out there, in all generations. We often credit our parents’ or grandparents’ generations with having longer lasting, more solid relationships. While this may be…

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Why Your Relationship Can Make or Break You

When we choose the people we want to commit ourselves to intimately, it’s important to realize that the intimate alone time we are going to spend with them is not the only part of our life they will have an impact on. The support and encouragement received from a significant other carries a different kind of weight…

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