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5 Reasons Being Single Is A Good Thing

For some, it is difficult to feel single and empowered. Single and complete. Single and fulfilled. But the reality of it is, there are plenty of ways to live a happy single life. This realization usually only comes when we understand that happiness depends on ourselves and not someone else’s approval of us. But it’s…

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The Secret To Finding Better People

Lately, my city has been impressing me. I have found myself at some great events at beautiful venues I never knew existed, and meeting amazing people. This, after I have had the audacity to speak about how small and repetitive Boston can be. It makes me think about how people say that there are no…

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7 Ways To Live A Happy Single Life

There are just as many happy, fulfilled, single people you will encounter as there are unhappy and undervalued people who are in a relationship. One “title” you are assigned by your choices does not change your level of internal happiness. Unfortunately, our society helps to perpetuate the idea that if you are single, you are…

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