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Everyone Is In Somebody Else’s Friend Zone

I find the concept of the “friend zone” interesting because it is a term that feels like it should have been left back in elementary school with “cooties,” but has somehow transcended into modern American culture. Some people consistently express dissatisfaction with the term and say it is ridiculous, which I suppose in some ways…

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5 Ways To Stay Out Of The Friend Zone

When writing articles about chivalry, romance, and relationships – one tends to learn quite a bit about people from comments, emails, and messages. One of the things that I have learned is a prominent issue, is the male race’s avoidance of kindness for fear of being seen as “just a friend.” I’ve been there, gentlemen…

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(Video) Why Men and Women Can’t Be “Just Friends”

  This is an often discussed topic among men and women – can they just be friends? Typically, women will say yes, but men will say no. In this short video, I explain my opinion about where and why this separation occurs and why I side with the men’s position, that being just friends, is…

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