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The Biggest Thing Holding the Average Person Back When it Comes to Dating

Only click this if you want the honest truth about why you’re not meeting more people.

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10 Things More Important Than Beauty

We live in a society that reminds us of beauty every single day. Advertisements of beautiful people, television shows with beautiful people, commercials with beautiful people, beautiful people around us… Even I post photos of beautiful people in my articles. Aesthetically pleasing individuals draw us towards them visually. They make products look better, and make…

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A Message To All Women About Confidence

As some of you know, my beautiful girlfriend has been fighting a (winning) battle against breast cancer for the past few months. She, thankfully, will be fine and have a full recovery, but the journey has been challenging. One of the biggest roadblocks has been her (perceived) change in appearance. Chemotherapy, as we know, takes…

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