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The Most Attractive People Do These 11 Things

Hint: It’s not about your looks. What does it mean to “be attractive?” I’ve always wondered this myself, because it seemed like something that some people just were, while others weren’t. Like it was a gift, magically bestowed upon a few select people who we all were all drawn to as a result. By attractive,…

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5 Ways Men Can Communicate Better With Women

Here’s the thing about people who say men shouldn’t use emojis: They’re wrong.

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Everyone Is In Somebody Else’s Friend Zone

I find the concept of the “friend zone” interesting because it is a term that feels like it should have been left back in elementary school with “cooties,” but has somehow transcended into modern American culture. Some people consistently express dissatisfaction with the term and say it is ridiculous, which I suppose in some ways…

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