10 Things To Give The Woman Who Has Everything


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Society has so deeply programmed men to believe their value is determined by professional success that it’s difficult to step outside of that when it comes to relationships.

This is why [some] men stray away from dating successful women. They’re not sure what they could provide her with if it’s not financially driven.

Here are some ideas:

– Affection.

How often we lose sight of the importance of affection in our daily lives. Sometimes, the busier someone is, the less it may seem like they crave the affection of a loved one because they are always busy and driving forward. In reality, though, affection may be the only missing piece in their day and it is what they are craving the most.

– Emotional connection.

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of the human experience is a deep emotional connection with those we love. This is a universal truth, no matter how much we make, where we are born, what we believe in, or who we love. We want (and need) to be connected to them emotionally.

– Support as a partner.

I’ve heard countless times over the years that men are “intimidated” by successful women. As someone who is with a woman who owns two businesses, I can tell you first hand that support from you is even more valuable than you can imagine. Her decisions, her challenges, her victories — you play an important role in being there for all of it.

– Acts of kindness.

Maybe you’re running errands and pass her favorite coffee shop. Maybe her car needs an oil change and you trade with her for the day. Maybe the kids need to be picked up and you can run out on your break. Whatever the case, an act of kindness is worth more than any dollar amount.

– Romantic gestures.

No matter what the circumstances of your relationship, you are still in a committed and intimate relationship. Romantic gestures play a key role in expressing interest and passion. Never lose sight of the things that made her feel special when you first met.

– Dinner dates.

Quality time together needs to remain prioritized, no matter how crazy life can get. Take some time and make her feel special and cared for, even if it means getting takeout and watching a movie.

– Partnership.

Every happy relationship operates as a team in life. You are there for her, and vice versa. You are teammates and partners in life and love. That can never be replaced.

– Encouragement.

Everyone could use a little encouragement that they’re on the right path now and then. No material possessions can replace the sense of comfort that comes from the person you love standing behind you.

– Booty rubs.


– A fresh perspective.

We all like to think we have everything figured out, but the reality of life is that hearing another person’s opinion (a person whom we trust) can help us to find new and interesting approaches to a challenge or opportunity that will open new doors we didn’t see before.

– Love.

The most powerful emotion of all. No house, car, possession, dress, pair of shoes, or bank account balance can replace the feeling of being loved by someone whom you love in return. Love is the missing piece for many who have put it on the back burner for too long.

The social and economic rise of women has not made them want men any less, in fact, in many cases #love and affection are the only things #money can’t buy, which makes our bond even stronger because we know she is CHOOSING to be with us as we add to areas of her life that a career cannot fill.

Do not shy away from successful women, they are looking for men confident enough to step up to the plate.

Which of these is most important to you? What did I miss? Tell me in the comments!

If you want my help and guidance to finally break through your boundaries and create an even happier and more fulfilled life with healthier relationships, reach out and let’s chat.

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