5 Reasons To Create The Perfect Date Night (At Home)


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There is a recurring theme in my articles which focuses around paying close attention to romance when building, and maintaining a relationship. Anyone who has visited this site before knows my viewpoint on the importance of keeping the spark alive, so to speak.


While it is great to find new things to do with your significant other, go on adventures, and have frequent date nights – I think it is equally as important to make sure you are taking the time to slow down your busy lives for a bit, and just connect.

Without getting into too many personal details, I have always found that a great way to enhance this connection is through, specifically, massage. You may have heard people talk about the ‘5 Love Languages,’ and mine has always been more focused on touch.

Whether it is something simple as giving a back or foot massage while you’re sitting on the couch watching TV, or something a little more planned for a special occasion (hint hint: Mother’s day is coming for you dads out there looking for a gift), when you really explore someone’s mind and body, you gain a greater understanding of them.

I think the concept of massage can be a little bit intimidating for men, whether we admit it or not. Of course, the overall goal is to create an enjoyable experience for your partner, so you never want to do anything that would jeopardize that. This is a big reason that I am excited to have been introduced to a step by step guide for how to learn new forms of massage yourself.

So, then, what are some reasons to forego dinner out on the town tonight and stay in with your love?

1. You can disconnect from the world and connect with each other.

First of all, your hands will be preoccupied so you won’t be using your smartphone (wink wink), and what better way to unwind from a non-stop busy day, than to just…stop. No email, no Facebook, not even the TV. Just some music, some wine, and each other. It is so easy to lose sight of both creating and maintaining intimacy when life gets crazy, that we should take any chance we can to get it back.

2. You can learn to communicate non-verbally.

Communication through words is not the only way to speak to someone. As we grow closer to the person we love, we can learn how to communicate through touch, body language, and a stronger emotional connection. Spending a night at home is a great opportunity to save your words, and just be together.

3. You are putting effort into something just for her.

It’s great to take the time to plan a date night that revolves around her interests. It shows you care and are willing to put specific effort into something you know she will enjoy. Now, take that perception and turn up the volume. In this case you are literally learning a new skill that will benefit her directly.

It shows your willingness to give to her selflessly, as well as to improve yourself in a new way in order to benefit the relationship. Major win.


4. You are sharing a unique experience together.

I personally have considered getting my girlfriend a professional massage as a gift. It would give her a chance to unwind after a long day or a long week – but to have the ability to learn how to do something like this yourself at your fingertips (pun intended) is a great way to actually share in the experience.

I would much rather do something like this, personally, than do a couple’s massage – as it is obviously far more intimate and private. Oh, and not for anything but, it’s much cheaper and lasts much longer too.

5. You get to have fun and step outside of your comfort zone.

The thing I love about Melt: Massage For Couples is that it’s designed for couples, by a couple. Denis, the instructor in the videos, brings you through a series of experiences that you can follow along with. The reason why I think this puts such a positive spin on the experience is that it doesn’t feel rehearsed or unnatural. It is actually Denis and his wife who are in the videos, and they have a very relaxed, professional feel to them.

There is no weird awkward nakedness or discomfort that might pop up mid-way through the video and throw off your mood. This is a chance for you and your partner to do something your normally wouldn’t, and to do it together.

Get some candles, get some wine, hell, get some rose petals to scatter across the floor if you want. Once you set the ambiance for a night like this, it makes tuning out the rest of the world much easier, and just focusing on the two of you.

The kicker: I like this idea so much that I’ve spoken with Denis from Melt personally, and he agreed to offer a special until Mother’s Day, May 10th. That means if you purchase his video series through this link, you not only get lifetime access to all of the videos (which is crazy for the price), you also get free access to foot massage videos, which are normally an extra $24. But, you’ve got to get it before Mother’s Day.

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You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to create the perfect date night at home, but massaging them certainly won’t hurt.

Enjoy your time with Denis and Emma, and let me know how much you enjoyed your experience!


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  1. katbite on April 29, 2015 at 8:49 pm

    Reblogged this on #TheLifeOfAMother and commented:
    This is perfect, because I just today sent my Husband a little text today telling him that I would love a date night soon. A great read for those of you that cherish your relationship, but sometimes need a little boost.

    5 Reasons To Create The Perfect Date Night (At Home).

    Af for us, we have 4 children. We definitely need a better lock on our bedroom door. More adventure could be had if that lock were to happen. Wink! Wink!

    I feel like spending time one-on-one is so very important. I actually crave it.

    I like that he talks about conversing in more ways than just talking. Communicating with touch, sight and body language can get lost after you are together for a long time. Sometimes it is hard to get back and can be frustrating. If you have two willing people though, there should be no problem rekindling that love, emotion and fire.

    I crave that fire.



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    • James Michael Sama on May 18, 2015 at 9:26 am

      Hi Denise! I don’t send you anything – everything through WordPress is automated. There should be an unsubscribe button at the end of each email you can click.

      I’m not quite sure what appropriate steps or complaints you intend to take, as you voluntarily subscribed to a service I cannot control. But, I hope you successfully figure it out!

      All the best,

      – James

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