My List of 25+ MORE stylish than The Boston Globe’s “25 Most Stylish”

To me, style is about uniqueness and expression of your personality. The Boston Globe recently published their “25 Most Stylish Bostonians” which I found to be pretty plain and unimpressive, so I decided to compile my own.

Sorry if I missed some people but these are ones who stood out in my mind. Believe it or not, Boston DOES have style, you just gotta know where to look.

Comment with your thoughts or tweet me at @JamesMSama – do you think this list is an improvement over the original, or a step back?

In no particular order:

Chris Kosiavelon

Krystina Enquist

Jeremy Martin

Joseph Lavaud


Orla Roche and Maria Terentyeva

Claude Sanon

Louie Bello

Makio Mathews

Lisa Bello

Brett Casiraghi

Dante Egan

Tess Bickford

Moselle Sath

Shea Mikaela

Andy Jacques

Sandy Poirier

Silva Via

Megan Toohey

Lisa Richov

Emily Romano

Photo: Heavy lifting 󾭞󾍇󾠣

Monica Pietrzak and Natalie Pietrzak

Hana Parks

Derrick W. Kimbrough

Jim Homoleski

Margot Crary (My beautiful girlfriend)

Kevin Payne

Dimitri Petrosian

Ace Gershfield

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2 thoughts on “My List of 25+ MORE stylish than The Boston Globe’s “25 Most Stylish”

  1. Your choices are definitely sexier and more eccentric. In the end, I think I could find something unique and extraordinary about each individual from your list and from the original article list.

  2. Every single one of those people is either a promoter, ex bottle girl or desperate Boston D-lister who considers a night at Julep a social soirée. Sad sad sad

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