The Universe And Me (By My Grandfather)

This is a piece written by my 87 year old grandfather. After reading and hearing many of the things going on in the world today with Syria and other conflicts, he decided to write an editorial from what he believes, what he feels, and what he wishes for, in favor of our race. The following are his words. His email follows the article, please feel free to send him positive feedback.

You’ve got to be kidding – but wait a minute – are we not the product of swirling mass of nothing up there, to become a something down here?


If so, holy cow! Through a universal manifestation of creation, two legged creatures were evolved. Yes, yes, the 4-legged things got a head start, but the two legged creatures of planetary persuasion prevailed, and through the annals of time, many became even human with evolutionary characteristics – of the wrongs, and the rights.

Murderers, robbers, blackmailers, psychos, rapists, took the path to the wrong, and reached the low socio-economic levels in their miserable existence.


Honest, hard-working people (as they were later to become known) true to love of family and an eye to social and economic accomplishment quotients, had ladders there for them to climb and become respected citizens on our planet.

Ladies and gentlemen, guess what was soon to happen?

The wrongs started to hate the rights, and the rights started to hate the wrongs.

Our planet soon became a bloody battle ground. People killing people, and for what?


The advantageous position over others, religions, jealousies, anarchy, control of the weak and sick, to order them to move in a direction not of their choice?

Remember, the rights in man come from the spirit of the heart, which triggers the power to pursue conquests. The wrongs lie in waste to flow down in rivers to the depths of the lowest sewers.

No power on earth (yet) can tell you what to do, but how, yes.


The planet is hurt. The stars are jittery, and the universe is growing tired and changing attitudes.

So the wake up call is here, folks. Obvious corrections (too numerous to list here) should take place.

If not, the big bang promised us, could come sooner than expected, and in a big puff, we will all return to the star dust from which we came.


– Silvio T. Ricca

Windham, New Hampshire.

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