How Dating Is Like Playing Pool

I’m not going to go into any jokes here about the equipment used during a game of billiards – moreso how the strategy and process relates to building a relationship.


First, The Break.

In the beginning, the pool balls are just sitting, unaware of the outside influence they’re about to be disrupted by. It’s a bit of a shock at first, but then they settle down.

The guy, usually, is the cue ball.

Sinking the 8-ball is the ultimate goal. That’s the win. That’s the “Will you be my girlfriend?” chat you have before committing.

But before then, is a series of strategic moves, all designed to set you up for the final shot. Each shot you take during the game will put you in a new, unique position that you’ll have to advance from.


If you don’t plan your shots for the long term, you’ll defeat yourself too early on.

On the other side, is another person making strategic moves that you can’t predict. You’ve got to adjust your moves according to theirs.

If you go for the 8-ball too soon, you lose.

Are You His Plan B?

If you mess up a shot that causes you to scratch, you get put back another step.

The entire objective is to make sure that you move at the right pace, and you work in accordance to what the other person is doing.

When the time for the winning shot finally comes – you have to make sure it’s lined up just right to make it work.

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