The Sama family is expanding!

That’s right! There will be not one, not two, but three more members of the Sama family living in New England!

This is exciting news and we are all looking forward to the ‘expansion.’

No, nobody is having a baby.

For as long as I can remember my sister (Half sister from dad’s previous marriage for those of you who are confused) has lived far away from us. In Hawaii for all of my adult life.

During this time she has gotten married and has her own great family. Her husband was presented with the opportunity for a large promotion on the east coast. While the climate change from Hawaii to Boston is pretty brutal, nothing can replace the allure of living less than 15 minutes away from your family whom you haven’t been around in years.

Today, July 29th 2013, Jaime, Erica, and Bobby, will all officially be here, permanently!

It’s a weird feeling, but we’re looking forward to being together for anything from a random dinner on a Friday night, to all birthdays and occasions…no more Skype chats and 6 hour time differences!

Hold your family close – they are the link to your past and those most likely to stay with you into the future.


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