Kindness is Magic (Heartwarming video)

Earlier this morning, I came across this video on my Facebook newsfeed, and I’m glad I watched it.

This video is an amazing display of human kindness towards the animal world. You will see a stray dog named Rosie being rescued, along with her 5 newborn puppies who, were it not for this man, very likely would have starved to death.

As a dog owner and lover, it was moving to watch both the mother’s love for her pups, as well as the kindness bestowed upon them by an anonymous stranger who just wanted to help.

However, I think it’s important to realize that for every happy ending like this one, there are millions who will never be saved. And – this doesn’t just go for puppies.

Over 9 million children per year die before the age of 5 years old from disease or starvation. There are human beings who are in the very same situation as these puppies were – but the mainstream media typically stays far away from it. Out of sight, out of mind.

The amount of centuries that this has been going on for makes one thing CRYSTAL clear – there is no miracle coming to help the human race, it’s up to us.

Just the simple fact that you are reading this makes you exponentially more fortunate than the millions who either cannot read at all, will never know what a smart phone or a computer is, or will not live long enough to see one.

It us up to US to help our species survive. Each of us has the power to help along the way, even if it means skipping your Starbucks today and donating a few dollars to the charity of your choice. Organizations like the one featured in this video exist solely off of the kindness and donations from others. These people are acting for the benefit of others, not for themselves.

Hug your family a little tighter, hug your pets a little tighter, hug your friends a little tighter – our brief stint on this planet can be filled with fulfillment and positivity, if we choose it for ourselves and those around us.

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