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Sexual Harassment Isn’t The Problem: It Is The Result of a Problem

We need to discuss the real issues that sexual harassment happens, if we truly want to stop it.

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Harvey Weinstein Should Be a Wake-Up Call to Men Everywhere

  Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood mogul who has recently been outed as a chronic sexual predator and all-around dirtbag, is, unfortunately, not at all a surprise. That is, if you’ve been paying attention. Unfortunately, he is not just a Hollywood problem. He is not a 2017 problem. He is the new face of a rampant…

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Big Problem: Study Shows 1/3rd Of Male Students Would Rape A Woman

You read that right. Unfortunately, this is not some sort of bogus click-bait article you see floating around Facebook with a sensationalized headline that says something like “And you won’t BELIEVE what happened next! My jaw is ON THE FLOOR!” This is a very real statistic and a very real problem. Professor Sarah Edwards lead…

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