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Build Bulletproof Self-Worth With These 5 Proven Mindset Strategies

The belief that you are worthy of love and happiness is something you have the power to choose. Think about all of the things in life that are affected by your sense of self worth. The people you date. The jobs you accept. The risks you take. The friends you surround yourself with. The treatment…

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5 Behaviors Mentally Strong People Don’t Tolerate

You can’t control how people act, but you can control what you accept from them. Every single day we’re faced with an internal question that we don’t often define to ourselves. Yet, it dictates the quality of almost every area of life. Our relationships, our careers, our friendships, our family life… The question is: What behaviors…

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You’ll Be Your Own Worst Enemy Until You Change This One Thing

What can a story about two fish teach us about self-awareness? Have you heard the story about the two fish swimming in a fishbowl? One goes up to the other and asks, “How do you like the water?” The fish responds: “What is water?” The point is that the fish is so immersed (literally) in…

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7 Mindsets To Break The Negative Patterns Holding You Back

Many of us hold ourselves back with negative beliefs about ourselves or our abilities. Here’s how to overcome them. How many people do you think are capable of more than they’re currently doing? Odds are, the first person who came to mind reading that was yourself. It’s okay, everyone feels that way now and then. We…

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5 Signs You’ve Been Putting Yourself Last For Too Long

You can’t pour water from an empty cup. Many of us are taught that caring for others is a noble trait, and often times we garner a sense of significance or contribution from it. While it is important to be a positive influence in the lives of others, many of us fail to draw a line to…

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