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5 Behaviors Mentally Strong People Don’t Tolerate

You can’t control how people act, but you can control what you accept from them. Every single day we’re faced with an internal question that we don’t often define to ourselves. Yet, it dictates the quality of almost every area of life. Our relationships, our careers, our friendships, our family life… The question is: What behaviors…

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3 Reasons You Give Too Much In Relationships (And How To Stop)

Your identity and passions are the very things that draw someone to you in the first place. So, why do you sacrifice them when you get into a relationship? Someone I coached once told me that he identified as a “people pleaser,” and these tendencies made their way into his relationships. What he would do…

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How To Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

The way we speak to ourselves can quite literally shape the reality that we live in. I was talking to someone I’m coaching last week and she told me: “I always date men who are bad for me.” I encouraged her to reframe this thinking to start saying “I used to date men who were…

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Why So Many High-Achieving Men are Unhappy (and 3 ways to fix it)

One of the many false narratives we are fed through social media and society in general, is that becoming wildly successful will make you happy. The houses, the cars, the travel, the beautiful people, places, and things…you’ll get respect from other men. You’ll get attention from women. You’ll be free from stress and worry. How…

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Our constant need for “better” is keeping us unhappy. Here’s how to overcome it.

First, props to you for taking the time to read this (assuming you finish it). Why? Because you probably interrupted your scrolling through your newsfeed to click off and come here. And, what were you seeing on that feed? Cars, jets, houses, couples with 6-pack abs frolicking in Tahiti. Fashion models, shoes, you get the…

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