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10 Rules For Any Gentleman Dating a Strong Woman

As societal norms change around us on a daily basis, so do the ways in which we interact with each other as human beings. This goes for any type of ‘relationship,’ whether it be platonic, professional, friends, or intimate relationships. More specifically, though, men are becoming increasingly confused as to what’s expected from them in…

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If He Doesn’t Make You Feel Invincible, He’s Not the Man For You

A lot of us have developed a bit of a ‘list’ over the years. A list of qualities we want the person our significant other to have. Maybe we want them to be ambitious, or athletic, or blonde, or tall(ish), or dress a certain way. We develop what we consider to be our ‘type’ over…

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10 Qualities Every Strong Woman Wants In A Man

There are genuine, caring, loving women in the world who are still strong and live their own lives. They have their own hopes, dreams, and ambitions – but they want a teammate beside them as they accomplish all they set out to. They understand that personal power is not about not needing someone, but about the ability…

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Power Couple: 10 Traits Men Need To Handle Strong Women

One of the biggest complaints I get these days from women is about men who tend to slowly back away after they realize how strong and independent the woman they are dating is. Now, I am well aware that many women out there confuse being strong with abrasive, and independent with apathetic. Meaning, they take…

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The Equal Teammate Is The New Trophy Wife

The term ‘Trophy Wife’ is familiar to many of us in less-than-flattering contexts. While sometimes it qualifies as a compliment in guy-speak when referring to a man’s beautiful wife, the connotation is that she essentially is just that – a trophy. She is likely young(er than him) and beautiful, but is probably well taken care…

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