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6 Ways To Keep Improving Your Dating Life While On Lockdown

Just because the world slows down, doesn’t mean your chances of finding love have to. Well, this is a new one. How are you supposed to date when everything is closed and you’re supposed to stay 6 feet away from everyone? I understand your pets are happy that you’re quarantined or locked down, but it…

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3 Mistakes You’re Making with Online Dating (And How To Fix Them)

Which one are you in that blurry group photo?

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5 Tips For Optimizing Your Online Dating Profile

Whether it is through direct work with clients, or through discussions on social media, I always find that one topic is a universal standard when it comes to talking about dating: Online dating. Online dating has really shifted the standards of dating – but it doesn’t have to be all bad. A lot of people think…

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7 Things Public Relations Can Teach Us About Online Dating

One of the most frequent concepts people bring up to me in their questions or comments, is online dating. For better or worse, your online presence [on or off] online dating websites. I was just watching this awesome video interview with the owner of Boston-based public relations firm, Lisa Nickerson. The reason I mention the video, is…

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Online Dating: How Do Men Interpret “Independent Woman”? (Video)

At a recent event in Boston I was a member of a men’s panel, amid an audience of over 30 women. One of the questions that came up was regarding online dating profiles and how it comes across to the opposite gender. One woman revealed the first words of her profile read “Independent woman” and…

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