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10 Rules For Any Gentleman Dating a Strong Woman

As societal norms change around us on a daily basis, so do the ways in which we interact with each other as human beings. This goes for any type of ‘relationship,’ whether it be platonic, professional, friends, or intimate relationships. More specifically, though, men are becoming increasingly confused as to what’s expected from them in…

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You Can’t Have The Fairy Tale, But You Can Have Prince Charming

“Where are all of these gentlemen you talk about all the time?” When I started writing over 4 years ago, my mission was (and still is) to bring back the concept of men being gentlemen – and update what it really means in modern day society. Being respectful, chivalrous, aware, connected (to one’s self, and…

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5 Ways Modern Society is Crushing Romance

Ah, romance. The stuff seemingly only found in history books and black and white movies where men wore three-piece-suits and called women “darling.” An era not without flaws, of course, and it’s easy to see that society has evolved in strides even throughout the past few decades, but it’s arguable that not everything has been an…

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