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What You Do For A Living Doesn’t Define Who You Are As A Person

Times of high unemployment can be dangerous if we equate losing our job with losing our identity. It doesn’t have to be that way. IfI asked you to define who you are right now, what would you say? Many people have told me that they’re a teacher, or a doctor, or an accountant, or a…

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7 Reasons Caring Is A Strength

In today’s society, it often seems as though being cold towards others is seen as being “strong,” and showing feelings and emotions is equivalent to being “weak,” especially for men. People say if you don’t care then you’ll never get hurt, and if you hold no expectations for people, you’ll never be disappointed. While, in…

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The Time You Have (In JellyBeans – Must Watch)

If this doesn’t make you want to do something meaningful with your life, I don’t know what will. Each of us has a limited amount of time on this planet, but we often don’t realize just how limited it us until we see it laid out in front of us. Please enjoy and share this…

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Sam Harris – Death and the Present Moment (Video)

Death is perhaps the most depressing, avoided topic that any of could think of to discuss. In fact, of the hours of Sam Harris talks I’ve listened to, I admit I stayed away from this one for quite awhile, due to the title. However I’m glad I finally took the plunge – you’ll (hopefully, as…

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