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Grandparents Give Relationship Advice on 64th Anniversary

To celebrate my grandparents’ 64th wedding anniversary, we got together at my parents’ house (which is an every-Sunday-tradition for us, anyway). After dinner, I sat down with the happy newlyweds and asked my 90 year old grandfather, Silvio, what the secrets were for a happy, long-lasting marriage. His answer: What have YOU found to…

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5 Easy Ways To Be Better With Women

Regardless of how confident a man is or how successful he is in every other area of his life, it is entirely possible that he is reduced to a quivering pre-pubescent boy when it comes to one scenario: Women. I don’t think we ever really lose the sweaty-palms feeling before approaching or having a great conversation with…

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Marriage Shouldn’t Be Your Goal, Happiness Should

It is no surprise to anyone who has read my articles before that I tend to be a bit old fashioned in some of my values – but it’s also important to note that I am very much not in many others. One of which has come into conversation many times with my grandparents. “So, when are…

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