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15 Lessons About Love Taught By Experience

There are some lessons we can only learn over time…(or, by reading about them). The gift of time comes along with gifts of its own, including valuable lessons in life and love that we learn through experience. Self love, intimate love, family love, friendship love — love is a cornerstone of living a fulfilling life, but pursuing…

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5 Things You Need To Change To Find Real Love

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten. Come on inside, let’s ruffle some feathers today. Before you get too wound up over the title, I’m not here to suggest that you begin changing fundamental pieces of your identity or personality in order to attract a mate. In…

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To Find “The One” You Must First Become “The One”

We don’t attract what we desire, we attract what we project. Dating is difficult. There are a lot of people out there who don’t (or can’t) properly communicate, who aren’t looking for real commitment, or who aren’t even sure what a healthy relationship looks like at this point. Dating apps are frustrating, messages don’t get…

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How To Stop Wasting Your Time Dating The Wrong People

When you stop chasing the wrong people, you start giving the right ones the chance to find you. If you feel like you’ve fallen victim to negative dating patterns in the past, rest assured that you’re not alone. I have worked with and spoken to so many people who feel like they’re spinning in circles…

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5 Proven Strategies For Attracting The Love You Deserve

You don’t need someone to complete you, only for someone to accept you completely. Material items are not the only things people search for in order to fill an emotional gap. Perhaps even more common is the search for a partner in order to accomplish the same goal. Not surprisingly, this is an equally ineffective…

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We’ll Never Find What We Want In The Places We’re Looking

As someone who speaks to people across the world every day about dating and relationships, I can confidently say there is a growing dissatisfaction with the “state of the date” these days – and – I probably didn’t have to tell you that. I didn’t have to tell you, because odds are you’ve been experiencing…

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