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Whatever You Do, Don’t Date These 10 Types Of People

I believe that over the years, we tend to notice trends in certain “types” of people. This is not to say that we should label, or group, categorize, or generalize — but it is to say that if we can spot tendencies or patterns in a person that point to a road we’ve been down before, then…

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7 Red Flags of a One-Sided Relationship

Great relationships aren’t about give and take, they’re about give and give. We’ve ALL been in a relationship at one point where we put in more effort than our partner. Loved them more. Cared for them more. Gave more of ourselves…and didn’t want to admit it for far too long. Maybe we didn’t even realize…

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10 Red Flags He Won’t Commit To You

Save yourself time and heartbreak by paying attention to these red flags. Many inquiries I get from women involve their confusion about whether or not the man they are seeing is serious about them. My belief is that if you are really that confused about someone’s intentions, then odds are your instincts are correct and they are…

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