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Are You “Nice,” Or Kind? 5 Major Differences

Only one has pure intentions. e’ve all heard the old adage that “nice guys (and gals) finish last.” I’ve been very open about my past as a “nice guy” and all of the challenges that it brought to my life. To overcome these challenges, I didn’t need to stop being good to people, I simply…

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9 Affirmations to Make Dating Fun Again

Dating is as an opportunity to create the love life you’ve always desired…if you choose to see it that way. “I just want to skip the dating part and go right to the phase where we’re comfortable on the couch together.” This is what someone I’m coaching said to me on one of our recent…

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How To Set Healthier Boundaries in Life and Love

Setting healthy boundaries in (all) of your relationships is the key to even better emotional health. Here’s how, and why, to do it. Why do we find it so difficult to set boundaries in our personal lives? Even people who accomplish high levels of professional success can fall into negative patterns of dating – or…

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