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10 No-Nonsense Tips For Keeping Romance Alive

Romance shouldn’t fade after the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship. It should strengthen as your partner becomes an even more important part of your life. Who even has the time? You mutter to yourself as you read an endless stream of headlines online about romance, dating, chivalry, courtship…many of which, probably written by me over the…

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5 Ways Modern Society is Crushing Romance

Ah, romance. The stuff seemingly only found in history books and black and white movies where men wore three-piece-suits and called women “darling.” An era not without flaws, of course, and it’s easy to see that society has evolved in strides even throughout the past few decades, but it’s arguable that not everything has been an…

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It Goes Both Ways: Why Everyone Can Be Romantic

Being a male blogger who discusses how men can be better in life and in love comes with its ups and downs – like anything else in life I suppose. One of the major criticisms I receive most often, though, is how I make it sound like romance and relationships are one-sided when I speak…

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5 Reasons Men Should Start Courting Women Again

In many of my articles I refer to “courtship” or “courting a woman,” when discussing chivalry and romance, but it is rarely defined in modern times. According to, what is courtship, exactly? 1. The wooing of one person by another. 2. The period during which such wooing takes place. 3. Solicitation of favors, applause,…

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