7 Ways To Know You’re A Keeper

Believe me – I KNOW how important physical attraction is in a relationship. The funny part about physical attraction, it can break apart a relationship if it’s not there, but can’t hold one together if that’s ALL there is. Relationships need respect, admiration, and trust. Only having good sex doesn’t make a successful longterm relationship… though, nobody ever complained about that.

In a society where it seems as though happy, healthy, committed relationships are hard to come by, we have to ask ourselves – what qualities ARE men looking for in a woman who they will wholeheartedly commit to? Find out the seven signs that YOU are a keeper in this week’s video!

None of us are perfect, and we all have something we’d like to improve about ourselves – that’s what makes life exciting! We can always be learning, growing, and improving.

Did you notice anything on this list that you’d like to work on? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you think you’ve got it all down, take that inner confidence and go land yourself your Prince Charming!


9 thoughts on “7 Ways To Know You’re A Keeper

  1. GOD first
    Spouse second
    And God right in the middle of the relationship makes it a great relationship.
    27 years married and 7 children. My husband compliments me everyday, we cuddle on the sofa, hold hands in the car, we pray together, We make sure that we are affirming each other everyday.
    He’s affectionate outside the bedroom and that makes me really affectionate in the bedroom.

  2. I did not see an item on the list that I consider myself to lack. This was really encouraging, as I assumed I need a lot of work to seem attractive in the long-term to a gentleman. Positive comments I hear the most, from longtime friends to people I just met:
    –Killer smile. Sure, it’s a physical trait. But a smile can reveal–or disguise–much about one’s personality.
    –Warmth. This is the one I most associate with myself, and I love that I’m a natural nurturer in most of my interpersonal relationships. I don’t know if generally being warm is something a person can learn, so I’m grateful it’s how I was born. This will check off his need for encouragement quite nicely.
    –Genuine. Whenever I hear this one, I accept the compliment, but I’ve never really understood it. Would the opposite be a phony or a flake? What am I doing that not everyone does that so many people notice? In whatever regard, I’m pretty sure this is part of what keeps petty fights out of my life. A calm, direct conversation can better address annoyances–if the annoyance is even significant enough to be mentioned.

  3. Got 1-6 down! #7’s a tough one. On relationship number two, both are settled with kids. We don’t want to uproot either family…the drive is there but the reality too. Not easy!

  4. We do these things….we have LDR for more than 2 years now….we call, message each other every hour, we laugh and argue together, we respect each other’s decision, he makes me feel am.special and loved (and so do i)…..but we have not seen each other in person yet. That’s the only thing lacking….and thats really a problem for me.

  5. Can you recommend a book or author that delves into the psyche behind relationships. Is there a book you’ve read that explored, or explained the thought process of both men & women while in, or looking for relationships. I’m genuinely interested in how thoughts, motives, and actions can either create love or dissolve it.

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