Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage – Nobody’s Head Explodes


Just in case you’ve been completely disconnected from civilization today and haven’t seen the 5 gazillion Facebook posts and news articles, The Supreme Court has officially legalized gay marriage (or as I like to call it…marriage) across the United States.

The long and short of it is, this means that any state-level ban has been trumped by the ruling and is null-in-void.

Things that haven’t happened because of the ruling:

Heterosexual marriages haven’t suddenly ended [If it did, it’s not because of this].

Churches haven’t suddenly burst into flames.

Nobody’s head has exploded.

Nobody has suddenly chosen to start getting married to animals.

Nobody else’s life has been affected in any way, except for the people in love who can now get married to their partner.

All in all, I’d say it’s a great day for love and equality!




18 thoughts on “Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage – Nobody’s Head Explodes

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  2. It’s about time! Everyone has the right to commit to love with a person of his/her choice, whatever his/her sexual orientation, as deep healthy love suffers no boundaries.

  3. Thanks James, I don’t get much news here under my rock. I feel so lucky to have a guru that is so in touch with what is going on out there. You did read the ENTIRE Court opinion before posting on the impact, right?

  4. I personally may never understand same sex relationships; sometime the idea of two males even freaks me out, But as one of my lecturer said, we have worst sexuality to worried about such as, Pedophiles. In addition, we may not always agree with others but that doesn’t mean we hate them, eh. Religions groups who are against same sex relationships especially Christians, who are they ( us) to judge? Doesn’t religion teaches us to love thy neighbour as thy self. Isn’t God the one to judge us?

  5. I’m so glad to see this happen for the U.S. I never understood why people
    cared about what two consenting adults did behind closed doors. It’s nobody’s business but theirs.
    I also never liked the religious argument against homosexuality, since I think Biblical passages are mostly antiquated and irrelevant to today’s world. Why would we base our entire lives on words that don’t relate to our everyday experience? As far as the argument against homosexuality goes in the Bible, I have a REALLY difficult time being in agreement with an ideology that also says that molestation of children is okay, because the purpose of sex is considered to be procreation. I wholeheartedly disagree with that idea. Wholeheartedly disagree with abuse being ‘okay’ and consensual sex being not-okay simply because it isn’t between one man and one woman.

    Nice post, once again.

  6. I follow your posts, enjoy them, learn from them, and share them. I don’t always agree with them but can always take something from them even if it is to strengthen my own stance. I ;however, totally disagree with your stance on this. Sad day for our country when the Federal Government over-reaches it’s authority and tramples on the rights of the individual States as well as the people of those States.

  7. God leagalized marriage in the Garden of Eden when He made man and woman! If man has to “legalize” an act, it is because it wasn’t already sanctioned by God. Remember…it was “moral decay” that finally destroyed and brought down the great empire of Rome, part of the moral decay was homosexuality! ~Food For Thought

      1. That’s your problem, not mine! It in no way hinders the Word of God because of your unbelief! Interesting though, when I commented on previous posts, there was never a reply from you, but this comment sparked a reply…didn’t it?

    1. G-d, through his “inspired writers” (in the Jewish scriptures, also believed by Christians) said it is okay to own slaves, kill your children for their smart mouths, stone women for wearing pants, sell your daughters into sexual slavery, etc.. I think it’s time we give the Bible a rest when it comes to the issue of marriage.

      1. My dear misinformed child…obviously you have never read the Word of God (can’t even spell it completely can you?) through for yourself have you? I can tell! It is out of the Word of God that every soul shall be judged…I suggest you and the moral atheist get to reading! But not before giving your life to God through the redemptive work of Christ on Calvary, this way your sins can be forgiven and you can receive the gift of the Holy Spirit…this is the only way to receive understanding of the Word of God and know how to rightly divide it. If not, I will see you when the righteous judge the wicked along with Christ at the White Throne Judgment of God!

  8. Writing is on the wall. I want to marry my horse know like Emperor Caligula. Before Christianity came to Europe and people worshiped their own gods marriage was between a man and a women. If the government is going to sanction this then they should legalize bestiality and pedophiles. We need to cater to the rights of a few deviates so our society will collapse and burn like the Romans. Coming from a former military officer, this country is no longer worth defending and the American flag or US Citizenship means nothing. All we have is a police state and if you have a contradicting opinion that is not PC then you are an enemy of this sick State!

    1. Are you serious?!!! As a fellow verteran, I suggest a return to the psych unit at a VA hostpital.

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