5 Slang Terms That Need To Stop. Now.

The English language is being increasingly butchered by short-text mediums used to communicate. Text messaging and Twitter are the two biggest offenders, that I can think of.

People are forced to squish and shorten words in order to fit them into a certain character limit. Conveying grammatically correct, well formed thoughts into 140 characters poses a unique challenge, and the results aren’t usually pretty.

To make matters worse, there are some words and terms that just flat out don’t make sense at all. I’m not quite sure where they originate, but they permeate our younger generations and destroy the very fabric of the English language.

Here are some terms that make me just want to…


Turnt up!

What? Do you mean “turned up”? If so…what’s being turned up? The music volume? Are you ‘turning up’ somewhere? How can a person be “turnt up” ? Knock it off.


Seriously, cut this out right now. “Smh” is an acronym for “shaking my head,” but it just looks ridiculous. I don’t know about anyone else but I READ words, which means reading “smh” sounds like you just tried to hold in a sneeze. If you want to say you’re shaking your head, then say it.

“Da” instead of The

Why? “I went to da store” … uh, it sounds like you should go to da school and read da books. Is typing ONE less character really worth sacrificing your intellectual integrity? Sure, I say stuff like “you da man” to my friends all the time, but I don’t substitute it for “the” in everyday speech.


“Hea” and “thea” instead of here and there.

My head hurts. As if the hardcore Boston accent wasn’t bad enough, you’ve got to try to type it now? No.

I’m on one.

On one…what? Huh? Like, what does this even mean? You are not Drake.

Is it really that hard to just speak normal English? As this trend progresses, more and more members of the younger generation are going to think that this is the proper way to speak, and our future leaders are going to be in boardroom meetings talking about profits being “Turnt up!” this quarter.

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