Is Halloween Going Too Far?

We all know by now that halloween has become less about being scary, and more about being sexy.

Every once in awhile you’ll get some intense zombie makeup, but parties and nightclubs increasingly pack themselves to the brim with costumes of basically any profession out there, with the word ‘naughty’ in front of it

Naughty cop, naughty referee, naughty teacher…what’s next, kids dressing up as a ‘naughty’ version of their favorite Sesame Street character?

Well, actually…


Yeah, that’s a ‘sexed up’ big bird costume for girls.

Call me crazy, but I think there should be some things that are left to innocence. Not to mention the message that this is sending to younger and younger girls – and boys. There is enough floating around in the world that successfully corrupts our youth, we don’t need to push the envelope any further.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you think these are harmless costumes, or do they have more serious implications? Share your point of view in the comments below or tweet me at @JamesMSama.

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One thought on “Is Halloween Going Too Far?

  1. I would say it depends on the costume, age group, and the child. I don’t personally think the before mentioned Big Bird costume is sexualized. I see it more as modern take on Big Bird. There are some costumes that I would not allow my daughter’s to wear because they are far too sexual for a kid their age. (Such as the sexy devil and angel costumes)

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