How We Know You’re Not A Real Model

Someone had to say this eventually.

Getting a professional photographer to take photos of you makes you a ‘model’ in the same way that standing in a garage makes you a car.


The amount of ‘professional models’ I see on Facebook is absolutely staggering – especially since I’ve somehow never managed to catch any of the advertisements these people have been featured in…

If you have more photos taken by yourself in a mirror than by a photographer in a studio: Red Flag.

If you pay photographers to take your photos more often than they pay you: Red Flag.

If you’ve never been featured in an advertisement or any other ‘official’ media source: Red Flag.

If you’ve never been hired for a gig at all: Red Flag.


If photos I take with my phone are better quality than your head shots: Red Flag.

If you’re always posting on Facebook asking who wants to do a photoshoot: Red Flag.

I’d like to make it clear – I am all for people striving for their dreams, and write often on the topic of doing so. Everyone should work towards what they want the most.

However, the term ‘professional’ implies that you are either being paid for the work you do, or even that it’s your primary source of income.

‘Aspiring Model’ is probably more accurate. Save ‘Professional Model’ for Adriana Lima and Bar Rafaeli.

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