Quick update on Margot’s progress (Part 2)


If you’ve been staying updated on my girlfriend Margot’s progress after her breast cancer diagnosis, you may have known we were awaiting the results of her test regarding the BRCA gene (made widely known by Angelina Jolie).

If this gene was present, it would forecast future complications and prompt a conversation regarding reproductive organs being affected in her mid 30’s.

Fortunately, today, we found out the results were negative and she does not have this gene.

The more tests that are done, the better things are looking. Her first chemo session has been bumped because of insurance red tape but is now currently scheduled for Monday, August 5th.

We are looking forward to getting this journey to health underway and staying strong and positive through it all!

Thank you everyone for your support, and a special thanks to our friend Dennis who is riding with Margot’s name on his heart during the Pan Mass Challenge this weekend to benefit cancer research.



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