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You are ruled by your habits, here’s how to make sure that’s a good thing

Aristotle said that excellence is a habit, but he said that about 2,000 years before Wendy Wood followed 2,000 people around and observed their daily activities and neurology. This study found that 40-45% of our daily decisions aren’t decisions at all, but habits. Routines. Anyone who’s ever forgotten how they got to (or from) work…

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The real reason most people are unhappy in their lives

I have always been fascinated by psychology. For the past decade I have taken classes on the subject, had thousands of conversations with people (literally) about their relationships and what makes them tick, read as many books as I could find, and even wrote a book on finding love within yourself. In more recent years…

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5 strategies to break out of your work bubble and meet more people

If you’re like many other people, you can relate to the following statement: “I have focused so much on my professional life, that I have become unfulfilled in my personal life.” My personal opinion is that one of the reasons people seem so unhappy these days is that we have constructed a society that is…

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