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Happiness cannot exist when commercialism replaces community

Let me first squash the cries of hypocrisy by saying that I enjoy the finer things in life just as much (perhaps more) than the next person. Give me the suits, the watches, the cars… But when I decided to move to Los Angeles in May of 2017, I was willing to give all of…

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8 Simple Steps To Conquering The Universe, Dating A Supermodel, And Becoming A Millionaire

Part of being a consistent content creator is knowing where to find inspiration for new work. Sometimes it comes from a conversation, sometimes it comes from a movie, TV show, or book. In this case, it came from another article. An article I remember awhile back which discussed the perpetual promises of the media we…

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Does Social Media give us a voice…or take it away?

This is an issue I’ve been torn over for awhile. I, like many others, take full advantage of (attempting to) build a large network where we can create relationships, interactions, connections, and spread our ideas and opinions. For the first time in human history, any member of the developed world with access to the internet…

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