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Is It You? 7 Behaviors That Push People Away

We all want articles that tell us what we’re doing right, but sometimes we NEED one that tells us what we’re doing wrong. There’s someone I often talk to at the gym. He talks to me about his run-ins at bars, his financial challenges (no judgment here), how his friends still get into fights, and…

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You’ll Be Your Own Worst Enemy Until You Change This One Thing

What can a story about two fish teach us about self-awareness? Have you heard the story about the two fish swimming in a fishbowl? One goes up to the other and asks, “How do you like the water?” The fish responds: “What is water?” The point is that the fish is so immersed (literally) in…

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Everything You’ve Been Taught About Masculinity Is A Lie

As our society evolves, so must our view of what it means to “be a man.” masculine [ mas-kyuh-lin ] adjective pertaining to or characteristic of a man or men. Well, there it is. The definition of masculine. Characteristic of a man. As our species and societies have grown and evolved, the roles of men have…

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