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The Psychological Reason You Get Bored In Relationships

Think about a time when you first accomplished a goal, got that thing you were saving for, or met the love of your life. Feel the euphoria and excitement that overwhelmed you at the time. Now, think about how you feel in the present moment. Hopefully you are still in love with your partner, still…

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Sam Harris – Death and the Present Moment (Video)

Death is perhaps the most depressing, avoided topic that any of could think of to discuss. In fact, of the hours of Sam Harris talks I’ve listened to, I admit I stayed away from this one for quite awhile, due to the title. However I’m glad I finally took the plunge – you’ll (hopefully, as…

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Watch 3-year-old Grayson Clamp hear for the first time (Video)

How amazing is this? This is the first time ever that 3 year old Grayson Clamp heard his father’s voice – or anything for that matter. And what great first words for a child to hear, “Daddy loves you.” You can see his father using sign language to communicate as well as speech, it’s unknown…

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The Pale Blue Dot, a moving account of our place in the universe.

If you are unfamiliar with the late astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, and author Carl Sagan, there are some incredibly profound thoughts about the world and life that you are missing out on reading or hearing. I have included one of my personal favorites, the pale blue dot. Carl eloquently illustrates our place in the universe in…

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