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13 Things He’s Dying for You to Say

Most of my articles revolve around what men can do and say to make the woman in their life feel valued and respected. I don’t believe that any man should need a reason or a reward in order to do these things, but one thing is for certain: Open affection and communication in a relationship…

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5 Signs You’re Settling For Less Than You Deserve

As a man, I hold myself to a certain standard for how I treat (all) women, and especially those close to me. Because of this, I can’t help but be a bit perturbed when I see or hear about examples of mistreatment that could be avoided. Nobody should ever settle for less than they deserve…

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No, You Shouldn’t Talk To Women Wearing Headphones

The latest “dating advice” drivel circulating the internet these days is an article which I will not link to by a writer whom I will not name. Though he is a self-proclaimed “dating and relationship expert” (note I’ve never before called myself an expert…), his advice is just a tad off-base. His stance is that…

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