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4 Useful Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Did you know that the name for a fear of public speaking is “glossophobia”? Yes – it’s a very real thing, and if you experience it, you are among an estimated 75% of (all) people who share this anxiety. Whether you need to give a presentation in front of a board room, or speak in…

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How To Be a More Effective Speaker and Communicator Using The PAAT Method

Whether you are looking to communicate better in your relationship, pitch prospects better if you’re in sales, or secure bigger investments from the boardroom; being a great speaker and presenter will prove to be an enormous help. Become a more effective speaker and communicator using The PAAT Method. Plus, learn the two content secrets that…

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The Importance Of Chivalry In Modern Relationships

I often write about the importance of paying attention to small details when it comes to dating and relationships. The small things, after all, often really are the big things. In this segment from a talk I did at the University Of Central Florida in Orlando, I discuss some things that seem to go overlooked…

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Online Dating: How Do Men Interpret “Independent Woman”? (Video)

At a recent event in Boston I was a member of a men’s panel, amid an audience of over 30 women. One of the questions that came up was regarding online dating profiles and how it comes across to the opposite gender. One woman revealed the first words of her profile read “Independent woman” and…

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