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12 Positive Things You Can Focus On To Ease Your Coronavirus Concerns

(I originally published this piece on Medium). Information is important, but information overload can cause unneeded stress and anxiety. With more time than usual to turn on the TV or scroll through social media, many of us are constantly immersed in Coronavirus conversation. Who is or isn’t worried, who’s still going out to bars, and…

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So Bad They’re Good: The Breakup Songs Of The 80’s vs. Today

As a child of the 80’s, my knowledge of the decade’s music comes from childhood memories and last-call singalongs at bars around Boston. As cheesy as it is iconic, the music of the 80’s will always have a distinct sound and feel. Paired with the big hair, acid-washed jeans, and dudes with earrings, the breakup…

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Why The ‘Molly Problem’ Isn’t A Molly Problem

I haven’t said anything about this “molly” nonsense floating around but here goes… Drugs have been an issue since the beginning of time. Even early “prophets” claimed to be able to talk to gods after eating mushrooms and major religions were formed around their communications. Now we just call that hallucinating. For those of you…

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