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Cheating Isn’t The Problem, Cheating Is The Result of The Problem

I have long since held the position that someone who truly loves and cares for you, will never cheat on you. My personal belief is that cheating should be the end of a relationship – I know there are other writers and speakers out there who may advocate for giving a second chance for whatever…

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Why Ashley Madison Is A Symptom, Not The Problem

While 60% of married men and 55% of married women have admitted to being unfaithful (According to studies published in The Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy), the Ashley Madison hack revealed 27 million male-identified profiles and 4.4 million female identified profiles. For those just joining the discussion, is a website specifically designed for…

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5 Ways You Cheat Without Even Realizing It

I once received this email from a reader: I love your insight and columns and use them as a guide for what I want in a man and to keep me focused on what is right and acceptable for me in a relationship.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me spread the word that sending “suggestive” emails…

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